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Business Law at Criminal Matters

At Criminal Matters, we spend a lot of time dealing with cases concerning Business Law.

These types of allegations are often enormously damaging to the performance of the business, to the reputation of the company and its directors and employees. Richard Wood of Criminal Matters understands the enormous strain this process can impose upon energy and resources.

He can help you to prepare you for interviews with the Serious Fraud Office, the local police authority or the Financial Services Authority (FCA), and on how to respond to media coverage where this might impact upon the reputation of your organisation.




Included within Business Law:

Bribery Act

The Bribery Act 2010 came into force on 1 July 2011, which marked a major developments in UK law with far reaching consequences for individuals and companies both in the UK and abroad. Anti-Bribery legislation has had a significant impact upon the procedures that companies must adopt. With good legal advice form an expert, non-compliance can be easily avoided. However, Richard Wood spends a lot of time dealing with the consequences of bribery related allegations.


Asset Stripping

Richard often helpS businesses deal with allegations of asset stripping which is taking company funds or assets of value while leaving behind the debts. The result is a dormant company with large liabilities that cannot be met, and consequently has to be put into liquidation. This may be referred to as “phoenixing”, i.e. directors moving assets from one limited company to another to ‘secure’ the benefits of their business and to avoid the liabilities.


What a client said about Richard Wood:

To be able to walk away from this whole affair intact is completely down to you, and I will be forever grateful. If ever I or any of my friends ever require criminal legal help, I will know exactly who to turn to. Thank you so much, I really can’t express how much I appreciate your efforts.

Fraudulent Trading

This is one of the most common allegations that Richard Wood deals with within Business Law at Criminal Matters. Fraudulent trading occurs when a company carries on in business with the intention of defrauding creditors or for any fraudulent purposes. The difficult part is that most failing businesses enter into a position where they genuinely hope to trade out of trouble. However, it can become an increasingly unrealistic ambition, which can lead to allegations of fraudulent trading.


If you responsible for a business that faces criminal allegations and need help with Business Law, then please call on 0800 4334 613.

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